BeGlobal affiliated with the BSCI programme

Because of globalisation, European companies are increasingly working with partners from other countries. In these countries, opinions can prevail about acceptable working conditions, which differ from our own views. For example, there may be child labour, underpayment and unsafe working conditions in the factories. BeGlobal does not wish to cooperate with this type of company. We consider corporate social responsibility to be of paramount importance and believe that a better world starts with yourself at all times. That is why we, as a company, have joined BSCI (Business Social Compliance Invite).


BSCI programme

The BSCI is an international network organisation that aims to improve working conditions worldwide. The over 2000 members of the BSCI share information with each other in the field of international employee circumstances. By working together, economic influence can be exercised on the market, stimulating production companies to ensure good working conditions for their employees. The BSCI emphasises the prevention of child labour, the prevention of underpayment and the improvement of unhealthy or risky working conditions.


BSCI for BeGlobal

We believe in sustainable and responsible solutions. The quality of a product is related to the conditions under which it was produced. If the employees can carry out their work under good working conditions, this will reflect the quality of the products. We regularly visit our suppliers in Asia to check the working conditions in the factories. The working conditions of our manufacturers are also our concern, because the products we supply to you must be 100% good. That is why we are the first Product Media supplier to join the BSCI programme. In this way we not only improve our own products but also the world around us.


BSCI and BeGlobal

Would you like to know more about the Business Social Compliance Invite with which BeGlobal aims for better global working conditions? Or do you want to participate in BSCI with your company? Then look at https://www.bsci-intl.org/.This way we make the world a better place together