Why promotional products should be part of your Marketing activities.

A Blog written by: André Noordwijk


When planning your marketing activities, possibilities may seem endless sometimes. Very often people chose for fairs, ads, sponsoring, networking events or other media. It is hard to place promotional products among your other marketing activities. Sometimes people jokingly call them “little presents, but often we don’t think about the results you could obtain using promotional products. A lot of studies show that it is precisely promotional products that are exceptionally suitable to pass on a message. It turns out that a campaign with promotional products is the best way of communication.


Marketing activiteiten op Times Square

 An image of Times Square – New York. Companies are screaming for your attention using a variety of media.


Professional trade organisations such as EPPA (Europe) and the ASI (U.S.A.) study the additional value of the promotional product on a regular basis. These studies are globally organized in 8 large metropolises. These studies show among other things that 82% of the people who own one or more promotional products, are able to name the advertiser without looking at the product.


Did you know that:


Studies in metropolises show that the best target group for caps with a logo, is people with higher incomes (+$ 100.000,-)?


Among your clientele, young people are the largest group of users of promotional products in their working environment.


This “retention value”, potentially makes promotional products the most cost effective way of communication. Therefore it is not surprising that another study shows that inexpensive promotional products, such as pens and bags, communicate a message more effectively to a large target group than other forms of mass media, such as television and ads.


The real power of marketing lies in the combination of different kinds of media. Only this way, you will be able to reach a large target group. We do not state that promotional products can completely replace other forms of media. However it is very likely that promotional products can substantially reinforce them.



Just like with other kinds of media, it is a wise thing to assess what would be the right carrier for your message to come across. What target group would you like to address? How would you like to distinguish yourself? These questions are not easy to answer. Compared to for example an advertising sign, possibilities for promotional products are endless. However there are certain conditions you should take into account.


If you want to, for example, expand your brand awareness and to bring your logo to the attention of a specific target group, a wise thing to do would be to go for a relatively inexpensive item and bring it under the attention of a large group of people. The functionality in this case is important. It does not necessarily have to be very original, but it has to be a consumer item of everyday use. A promotional pen can be a solution. I admit it is not very creative, but it will perfectly support the goal you have in mind in this specific situation. A specialized supplier will undoubtedly be able to help you further in the search of the right pen to match your company style. Also in this case, possibilities are endless.


If you would like to meet potential new customers in person by means of a mailing, you will have to go about it differently. In this case it is very important to surprise the receiver with a creative gift. Something that applies to the message of your organisation. It goes without saying that this is a whole different story than the case described above. It is, however, important to work together with a supplier of promotional gifts that has a large network of expertise, products and creativity at its disposal. This way you will get the most out of your promotional action.


These are just two examples, but what becomes very clear is that the right use of promotional products often goes hand in hand with the right advice. This way you will improve the results of your marketing campaign and at the same time make use of the most effective way to communicate: The promotional product.


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