Project For and By Woman


BeGlobal has sponsored 30 pull-lamps to the project 'For and By Woman, organising from gender perspective textile sector in Central America'. On April 29, the promoters left for the international exchange to Guatemala. The pictures show the handover of our lamps to the woman in the textile sector. 

The project established because of the bad conditions the woman in the textile sector in Central America live in. The promoters want to strengthen the position of the woman and discuss this issue worldwide.  






Since the 80's, the government in Central America has tried to create more employment by attracting businesses which produce to foreign markets. These businesses (maquilas) settle in so-called free trade zones. The labor law doesn't count in these areas. There is no law for paying taxes for the import and export of the goods as well.





Most of the people that are working in these maquilas are woman, over 70%, who want to make money for their family. The woman experience very bad working conditions: low salaries, forced overtime, long working days and bad health and labor conditions. The short movie ‘Maquilapolis’ shows the working conditions of the woman.


ABS pull light.

ABS pull light.

ABS pull light.

ABS pull light.

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