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Let chocolate do the talking


Sinterklaas is a children´s festival, celebrated in The Netherlands and Belgium on December 5th. The chocolate letter is the perfect gift for this! As a organisation, it gives you the opportunity to get notice by your relations, or just to show your appreciation for the nice co-operation. We offer a full range of chocolate letters - and numbers!









Why choose our chocolate letters?

UTZ Certified

Let's start with the fact that we only work with UTZ Certified chocolate. UTZ Certified stands mainly for educative programs for local cacao farmers. After all, education is thé key to succes. With help of the UTZ programs, the farmers learn how to generate greater returns in a sustainable manner. 
The average cacao tree currently supplies less than 35% of its capacity. If farmers succeed to increase their efficiency by 50-55%, their income will also increase automatically 50%. So, the UTZ program is effective for now and for later, both producers and consumers.



√  Large stock, so at short notice


  Individual send (fits through the letterbox)


  The possibility to combine letters




Very wide range

Besides chocolate letters and -numbers, you can also choose for an &-sign or two melted chocolate hearts, but also for dozens variations in taste, inclusions, toppings or fillings. Different tastes like: strawberry, caramel or coffee, but also soft fillings like praliné, advocaat or peanutbutter. in addition, we also have colorfull decorated letters.

Ofcourse, you can choose for our logoletters as well. Upward of 50 pieces it is possible to provide the letters with your logo, the name of the receiver or a text in full color. You can even make your letter more personal by getting a logo-sticker on the box, in full color as well, or a mono sleeve which is slid over it. 




Besides, the sleeve duo or sleeve trio is an option as well. Combine two or three delicious 80 gram letters or numbers by yourself in a luxurious, red and extra large box. Finally, we also offer lactose free and sugarless letters S. For more information please do not hesitate to contact one of our account managers. We gladly help you to set up a cuccesful Sinterklaas campaign! 

















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