The days of the Supplier 2016

 On thursday the 8th of September, the days of the Supplier started at the Jaarsbeurs Utrecht. These 2 days are accessible for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of promotional products and services. Naturally, we were present at the meeting point of our industry. Again, we have gained a lot of inspiration and have had some good talks. 

The event offered, among others, new collections and exhibitors, seminars that you could attend and a lecture of Dr. Henry Robben - an advocate of corporate and promotional gifts, premiums and Christmas and wine hampers as loyalty tool for strengthening relationships with customers and staff. 








We have noticed that, especially in the textile industry, the focus lies even more on corporate social responsibility. More and more companies want to make a statement by showing their commitment to sustainability. Also, the price difference between 'green' and 'ordinary' textiles is not that big anymore. Furthermore, more clothing is available in the textile sector that is made of 100% Faitrade certified organic cotton. For example, we offer the brand Cottover, which stands for the re-use of cotton. This new clothing collection is specially produced for human & environment. When you consciously choose these promotional textile of Cottover, you automatically participating in the efforts to create a more sustainable textile industry in Bangladesh, where millions of people live in poverty. 


The bags sector expands the 'green' line more and more as well. For example, we have seen a lot of beautiful shoppers made of eco jute. Some new shoppers, which were made of jute and cotton, we thought were more special and an overprint is better on this kind of fabric. 


The WakaWaka was a special product to us. It's a charger and (flash)light for your smartphone and charges by solar energy. The good story behind it: buy one = give one. When you buy a WakaWaka, you will give a WakaWaka light to a family without electric who live in a crisis- like situation.






Also special

Beside the special and green products, there was much more what caught our attention. For example the Tea Bears: winegum lookalike bears which you can put into your tea, instead of a tea bag. These fruit gums add a nice peppermint flavour to your hot water. Naturally we've tested what happens when you accidentally eat them; nothing at all and tastes not that bad!


Also a handy gadget: the keyrefinder - a keyring which you can open shopping trolleys with, to open bottles and the change they will return back to you may you loose them. This is possible due to the option to put your data on the key ring. An original and especially handy product which has at least one extra added value. You may decide which shape you want as well. 

Finally we went home with a packed trolley en lots of inspiration! The products I've mentioned are already available and soon online. 








Night of the PromZ

The first day of the Days of the Supplier finished with the Night of the PromZ. It was a great evening with lots of interesting people. If you would like some more information about nice products we have seen? Please do not hesitate to contact us and ask for one of our account managers. 










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