BeGlobal Works for You!

Distinctive due to in-house developed services


Since developing a good promotional campaign does not only depend on the product, we have developed a number of services to make your life a bit easier. These services will help you get more out of the development of a bigger campaign and/or give you a better grip on your activities. Here are some advantages:


BeGlobal Promotions customer portal:

Every customer at BeGlobal Promotions has their own customer portal. In your customer portal you will have an overview of your previous offers, orders and proofs. You will also have access to all logos we have received from you, including all Pantone colours. This way you will have full control over what your product will look like.


BeGlobal Promotions customer shops:

BeGlobal Promotions has developed its own customer shop module. This module is completely autonomous and is being further developed modularly. This means we are completely free to further improve this module and the improvements we make can therefore easily be implemented into all customer shops. The module is completely integrated with our ERP and CRM system, which means we can keep track on everything real-time. Many of our customers save at least 20% by switching over to our shop module.


Virtual products in our customer shops:

By working with virtual products in our customer shops, we are able to build you a shop with a great number of personalised articles. These articles are on stock unprinted and can be printed on demand within 48 hours. There are no obligations to a virtual stock, you do not run any risks when it comes to this stock and it does not cost you anything, which makes it possible for anyone to have a large selection of one’s own promotional products, while at the same time keeping a grip on what is given away within your organisation.


In-house developed ERP system:

BeGlobal Promotions uses a completely in-house developed ERP system. You won’t really notice anything directly, however in the background this system makes sure that your requests and orders are handled way more effectively. Furthermore we are able to prevent mistakes by implementing extra checks.


For further questions or specific wishes, please do not hesitate to contact us.