Unique! Doppers now in stock

The Dopper: the sustainable water bottle for tap water. Known by many nowadays and still very popular. Not so weird when you're aware of the fact Dopper is so much more than a sustainable water bottle. That is why we have given our Doppers some extra attention - we have expanded our stock and delivery speed. Plain, the Dopper is already wuth one day of stock and printing takes only one week. The Doppers be ordered starting at 30 pieces. 

Different types of Doppers

The Dopper is known by its diversity in colors. But beyond is even more choice and variety. For example, the Dopper Steel is back in stock: a tough, robust version made of stainless steel. This industrial masterpiece is extremely popular and larger than the Dopper Original. The Dopper Steel fits 800 ml of water, which is almost twice as much as in the Dopper Original. 

Also, there can be obtained a Dopper Sports Cap. This will turn your Dopper immediatly in your favorite water bottle during your workout. Thanks to the advanced nozzle, the water is dosed and directed from the bottle. Moreover, the spout is flexible extensible - to open - and compressible to close .






The story of the Dopper

The Dopper was born 5 years ago out of frustration over the burgeoning plastic soup in our oceans. Founder Merijn Everaarts was then still in the event industry and saw daily how festival visitors left a trace of plastic waste behind. This trace was mostly PETbottles. This is when the idea of a reusable bottle was born. The Dopper bottle is made of PP en the white cup of ABS. These materials have been chosen because they are 100% recyclable and free of pollutants and toxic plasticizers. This makes the Dopper completely bpa free. Thanks to the lightweight materials and content of 450 ml, the Dopper Original fits easily into your backpack , sportbag and handbag.

It is also possible to become a volunteer and/or donate to the Dopper Foundation and therewith support, among other things, water and sanitation projects. Also, Dopper has the Dopper app, which you can find fresh water nearby and even add new taps. Be the messenger!