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Not all headphones are the same. There are differences in wear fashion, comfort and technology. We are happy to help you choose the right headphone. 




On-Ear, Over-Ear en In-Ear

Probably the most important thing by choosing a headphone is that it sits comfortably on your head. The more comfortable, the more you can enjoy your music. There are three types of headphones. You can choose for earbuds (In-Ear), which are completely in your ear. Hereby they remain tight and moreover, they weigh almost nothing. Earbuds are often favored by athletes. In addition, there are also the Over-Ear and On-Ear headphones. If you choose the Over-Ear, the cushions cover the ear completely. This ensures the best seal from ambient noise and provides a very accurate sound reproduction. When you want the On-ear, the cushions rest completely on your ear. They are often light weighted and soft for you ears. Especially for the On-Ear headphones there is plenty of choice of treny models. 

The different types of headphones determine the user- and listening comfort. That is why it's important to choose for a headphone that suits you. For short listening sessions on the go or in the office is an On-Ear headphone a good choice. This type of headphone is compact and doesn't shuts you off the outside world completely. If you don't mind a bit bigger headphone and a fan of long music sessions at home, you should consider an Over-Ear headphone. Wearing glasses? You should choose an Over-Ear of In-Ear so you'll feel the least possible pressure on your ears. 


Protect your ears - noise cancelling


Hearing damage isn't curable and therefore permanent. That is why our advice is to keep this in mind while listening to your music. A good option to protect your ears is a headphone with noise cancelling. When your in a noisy environment, like when your in the train or on your bike, you're often inclined to turn your volume up. A noise cancelling headphone filters these background noises, so you don't have to turn your volume up. Additionally, you can choose for an Over-Ear or In-Ear headphone to close yourself from a noisy environment as well. 


Wireless and splashproof

Listening to wireless music can be very pleasant. Don't bother about any (too short) cords or knots that come into it anymore. Your music streams via bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet to your headphone. Very handy when you're on the road, at home or during your workout. A disadvantage is that wireless headphones have to get there energy somewehere, since the power does not come from the cable anymore. That means that you have to charge it. Luckily, the producers thought this through and that is why the headphones are provided with a battery that can last very long. Often up to 20 hours. Moreover, flat wires are also a solution when you're sick of the knots in your wires.


Also (wireless) sport earplugs exists nowadays. These plugs remain firmly, regardless of your movements. For example because of a earhook, a turning system or specially designed pieces. They are splash and sweat proof as well, but not totally waterproof. 



Innovative sacrifice Apple - the removal of the headohone jack

Finally; why Apple decided to remove the headphone jack. Apple announced, as expected, the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus last week. But without the 3.5mm headphone jack. The next day, the whole internet was full of lame jokes, indignant fans and especially a lot of critism. Not that strange, because in this case Apple is making a decission that effects every type of consumer. 


Source: Apple.com


According to Apple it all started with a new and improved camera. The cameras of the iPhone 7 and the iPhone 7 Plus are bigger than previous iPhones. For example because of the adding of optical image stabilization. Thereby, space had to be freed in de phones. The movement of the driver ledge, a small pcb that controls the phone screen, was a solution. The best, new spot for the driver ledge would be on the bottom of the device. But, this remaining space was already taken by, ofcourse, the headphone jack. 

After the team of Apple did some experiments, they found out this had some big advantages. Suddenly there was space for a larger battery, an improvement consumers beg for the last couple of years. Besides, by removing the headphone jack it was a lot easier to make the phone waterproof. The entrance made it difficult to make the phone waterproof. So, actually there was nothing wrong with the headhone jack. It just seemed that, without the component, the new iPhone had so much more improvements to introduce. 

Bron: Allaboutphones.nl 

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