The history of BeGlobal Promotions


BeGlobal Promotions was founded on June 18, 2002 as an importer of Czech glassware by the current owners Marco Horneman and André Noordwijk.



BeGlobal Promotions comes in contact with suppliers of promotional gifts. Meanwhile the company is preparing to put together a small selection of Christmas hampers.



BeGlobal Promotions developed further outside the Christmas period. The first big order was places in September. The income was spent on internet promotions in order to make our customer base grow.



Sales have tripled this year. In March BeGlobal Promotions launched two proprietary products: "The Skyliner" and Jouvence d'armangac. This was followed by the launch of two concepts for the end-of-year gifts market: www.KerstIsGezellig.nl and www.WijnMetEenVerhaal.nl. BeGlobal Promotions exhibits for the first time on PromZ and RelatieZ fair.



BeGlobal Promotions places it first order directly in the Far East. In Europe there are several vendor partner agreements made. Also the orange www.ScorenMetOranje.nl website was launched in January, followed quickly by LogoFruit.nl. In April BeGlobal Promotions won the "Promotional Product of the Year" award with the Apple Bikini.



In 2007 a big step towards future growth is made. In January BeGlobal Promotions moves into its first office with over 100 m2 of showroom, 50 m2 office space with six full-time workstations and a warehouse of 70 m2. In the autumn three new staff members are welcomed and the concepts www.GreenGifts.nl, USB2Give.nl and TopTextiel are launched.



BeGlobal Promotions goes international with our USB2Give concept by positioning it with internet promotions and a uniform pricing policy. Furthermore BeGlobal Promotions presents a number of eco-friendly products through its concept GreenGifts. The Eye-catcher is presented as a new innovation on the PromZ. BeGlobal Promotions is looking for even more publicity by being a prominently exhibiter at fairs and journals. Despite the economic crisis BeGlobal Promotions grows.



On January 1, the new website is launched. Eventually, more than 20 different websites on 72 domains will be linked together. In the new website there is also a stock system which customers can use to keep track of their inventory, all free of charge. In April, BeGlobal Promotions wins two prestigious prizes, namely the nomination for Distributor of the Year of the PPP and an innovation prize for custom made Pokens.



The measured brand awareness within the profession appears to be 40%, which means there are only 4 companies better known in the Netherlands. With PromoFruit, BeGlobal Promotions breaths new life into promotions fruits. The website is now bilingual, allowing international clients to find us. The Car Bikini is launched as the World Cup gift of BeGlobal Promotions.



The Office we moved in in 2006 is becoming too small and therefore we are moving into a new office building at the end of 2011. BeGlobal Promotions now employs seven people. BeGlobal Promotions has been nominated for Promotional Company of the Year for the second time.



BeGlobal Promotions grows further this year. The new showroom will be completed during the 10-year anniversary, a regular studio staff member hired. At the end of 2012 there are 10 people working at BeGlobal Promotions. In 2012 BeGlobal Promotions wins the Promotional Company of the Year award for the first time.



BeGlobal Promotions experiences further growth and launches an internally developed ERP system which enables further professionalization and better customer service. The office staff consists of three permanent staff-members. In March the first BeGlobal Magazine is published and at the end of 2013 13 people work for BeGlobal Promotions. BeGlobal Promotions wins the Promotional Company of the Year award for the second time.



The BeGlobal Magazine is now being sent to 25,000 addresses. In March, the new website is completed.