How we create the Bikini Apple

The Bikini apple is a healthy, delicious apple where a sticker can be stuck on with your company logo or message. The final result is an apple, where your company logo is on the peel. Below you can read about the process the Bikini apple sets.
Bikini appel
In July, when the apples are fully grown, but not colored, the apples will be provided with a special sticker. This sticker is a slide with your logo or image of your choice. The sticker is sun resistant and the sticker also can't burn into the apple. This sticker keeps the apple, natural colored preserved. Beacuse the time of the sticker placement is crusial the order needs to be procces before the end of june.

After the coloring phase, the label will be manually removed from the fruit. Through the process, your image has grown on the peel of the fruit. The result is an unique, delicious and healthy apple, because the whole process expires completely natural.
Now you only have to decide when you want your apples delivered. Of course the apples can be used for consumption immediately after the crop. BeGlobal Promotions also can preserve your bikini apples, in the cold, making the fruit 10 months after harvest still as fresh as the bikini apples were before saving. The apples taste 3 weeks after delivery still delicious. So you have relative much time. To spread your apples as a gift for your relations or promotion. 




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