Promotional products BeGlobal Promotions support rebranding Lagersmit.

In December 2014 launched Lagersmit BeGlobal Promotions in association with a new line of promotional products to introduce the new corporate identity. For this rebranding BeGlobal Promotions has produced various articles, so as to give special attention to the name Lagersmit. The new range of luxury paper bags, USB keys, pens, keychains, iPhone cases and power banks is fully designed in the new style.




Lagersmit stood until December 2014 known as IHC Sealing Solutions BV The company has been around since 1856 and have been since the 60s of the 20th century, a strong focus on sealing solutions. Until today Lagersmit serve a solid customer group consisting of suppliers of propulsion systems, ship owners, yards, dredging, pump manufacturers, refineries and power plants. On all of these markets have so far provided a total of more than 35,000 seals.




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