Laura Berkel

Laura Berkel   

On 1 December 2008 I started working for BeGlobal Promotions. After graduating from an institution of higher professional education in the field of medicine and working in the medical field for 7 years, this was a true commercial challenge for me. I hold a position of sales office employee and I assist my manager Marco Horneman.


Over the past 8 years of working for BeGlobal Promotions I have gained a lot of (commercial) experience. Visits to suppliers and printers, courses and training (as for example the PPP sales training) have really contributed to that. What I like about working for BeGlobal Promotions is the interaction with all kinds of customers, the diversity of the job and of course the team I get to work with. I am punctual, passionate and I really enjoy taking care of everything for the customer down to the smallest detail, from finding the right article to processing the order and everything in between.


In my free time I enjoy working out, like boot camp, running and training in the gym box. I also love to go on winter sports holidays or to go on holiday to Spain to enjoy the sun! Finally, I enjoy spending time with my friends or going on nice outings.



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