Marco Goedegebuure

Marco Goedegebuure   

In December 2007 I started working for BeGlobal Promotions during the Christmas rush. I am an account manager and product specialist. As an account manager I have a fixed group of customers with whom I think of and realize projects. I am appreciated for my flexibility, commitment and spontaneity.


After finishing intermediate vocational education in hotel and catering and hotel management school, I started working for BeGlobal Promotions right away. Even after all these years, BeGlobal Promotions still offers a great and stimulating work environment thanks to its international character, high levels of service and diversity. All the experience I gained is due to practical experience and by remaining inquisitive. We often visit international trade fairs in Europe as well as in Hong Kong in order to keep up to date on new trends and products. I have also visited several factories in Europe and China over the past few years. Thanks to this extra knowledge on the product and the production process I am able to better translate a customer’s question in order to find a creative solution that will suit the customer’s specific wishes.


I enjoy playing football every week and every now and then I play some golf. Also a great part of the weekend for me is cooking with or for friends over a glass of good wine.



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