Nomination PromZ Promotional Company of the Year 2011


BeGlobal Promotions in the past PromZ Event 2011 received a nomination for the "Promotional Company of the Year 2011". Obviously, we are very pleased with this nomination and it is confirmation that we are valued as a company in the promotional productenvak for our way of working.



BeGlobal Promotions was nominated two years ago for the title Promotional Company of the Year. This year the company will receive another deserved nomination.


Young, passionate entrepreneurs. This qualification is often discussed in relation to BeGlobal Promotions. Entrepreneurs who were younger when they founded their company in 2002. It is now 2011. BeGlobal Promotions is shown here to stay "- and that alone says more than enough about the commitment and passion of its founders - and their team - the promotional product box.


BeGlobal Promotions has a mentality that the industry just makes a little more fun and can set an example for the new generation.


Dynamism, charisma, knowledge, professional presentation to end users, but for some 'bullet points; of operating successfully in calling it promotional productenvak: it all fits in BeGlobal Promotions.


Very congenial is the structural support of BeGlobal Promotions Alpe d'HuZes, an organization dedicated to fighting the effects of cancer.


Both end users and the industry is BeGlobal Promotions definitely a company with added value. A supplier of promotional producers certainly a nomination for the professional award Promotional Company of the Year 2011 deserve!


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