Our safe, reliable powerbanks


The safety of a powerbank is often underexposed and something where too little attention is paid to. Consumers rely on the thought that the powerbanks they buy are safe and tested, but this is often not the case. 

So, it is very important to always pay attention to the quality of the powerbank and whether they have a label. Our range includes special selected powerbanks with a TÜV Geprufte Sicherheits-label. Thereby, we maintain a comprehensive quality of our powerbanks. We would like to tell you more about this. 


TÜV - proven reliability

Powerbanks with the GS-mark are tested by TÜV Rheinland on their superior quality and they meet the right European safety requirements. Thanks to this mark, a product- and safety quality is emphasized. This results in a product with a unique distinctiveness. TÜV stands for Technischer Uberwachungsverein (Technical Inspection). Since 1872, TÜV Rheinland is an integer company who grant marks for safety, quality and reliability.


It is not legally required to select powerbanks with the GS-mark. The mark just confirmes that our powerbanks, besides the statutory requirements (CE-mark), also meet the high demands of GS. As a result, it is an extremely valuable mark for companies who want to emphasize quality and safety. So, you'll create a positive distinctiveness when you offer products which contain both CE- and GS-marks. This is the perfect combination of certification.  


The powerbanks with the GS-mark have been approved by an official certified test lab on various safety and quality criteria. In addition, the factories where the powerbanks are produced, have been extensively tested for safety, staff and production policies. Because both the power banks as the manufacturer meet quality standards, the label can be awarded. Periodic checks are carried out, to make sure that even after conferment the powerbanks continue to meet the requirements. 


Why proven reliability?


  • Quality and product safety
  • Minimizes the safety risks of products
  • Emphasizes the commitment to quality and safety
  • Creates confindence in the quality and safety of the end user
  • Emphasizes the end-user product has been tested by an independent, other user
  • Continuous monitoring of product and production by independent, other user
  • A step beyond the standard CE-marking


Comprehensive quality check

There are many powerbank producers who make powerbanks that are nont safe at all. Even though especially the use of safe components and comprehensive quality control is essential during and after production. 

Together with our BSCI certified manufacturers, we have developed a production process in which the battery power of our banks is checked extensively on quality.


At BeGlobal Promotions, we use PCB's (Printed Circuit Board) which are specially designed by qualified engineers of our BSCI suppliers. They have combined safety and effectiveness optimally. While the safety is optimized, the number of mAh will be minimized. The PCB is, together with the battery, the core of the powerbank. 


A lot of companies at the promotional product market only check their products on 'sample level'. These companies order a sample of the product and evaluate on this basis whether they want to do business with that supplier. They settle for a product that meets standard requirements and functionalities and ignore the process and the company that is involved. We choose not to ignore these important steps. In addition, the entire process, from raw material to finished product, is checked and evaluated. As a result, we have a positive influence on the quality.



Powerbank Clip TUV GS

Powerbank Clip TUV GS

Powerbank TUV GS 4000mAh Slim

Powerbank TUV GS 4000mAh Slim

Powerbank TUV GS 4400mAh Double

Powerbank TUV GS 4400mAh Double

Powerbank TUV GS 11000mAh Flat

Powerbank TUV GS 11000mAh Flat

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