BeGlobal Promotions is a Titleist dealer. Titleist golf balls are considered the best and therefore many Tour players use them. The golf balls are printed by Titleist, which results in excellent quality.


The Titleist golf ball collection contains six different models that can be subdivided into two groups of three. Due to the softer core the Pro V1, NXT Tour S and DT Trusoft all offer a softer feel and lower ball flight than the other three. The Pro V1X, NXT Tour (both balls feature a dual core) and Velocity have lower spin. They have been engineered for longer distance and higher ball flight in order to ensure extraordinary distance. The same goes for the Pinnacle Rush and Soft. Golf players can choose between two balls and four different kinds of performance levels and prices. If you pay more for a ball, the results will be better in every part of the game. The Pro V1/V1X combine extraordinary distance, perfect spin and optimal short-game control; the ultimate combination! Lower priced golf balls often are less all-round. They can be very strong in one aspect, but at the same time lack performance in others. The Velocity for example offers longer distance with all golf clubs, but generates less spin around the green than for example the ProV1X. Golf balls in the upper price range offer better all-round performance.


Advice from a Pro!

Use the same ball. This will lead to more consistency in the game, a better feel and therefore better scores. If you change balls, you will lose consistency in distance. You will not get a proper feel and lose distance control.

* Promotional terms and conditions: A maximum of two dozen free balls per order. This promotion only applies to Titleist golf balls, not to Pinnacle.


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