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With the use of smartphones and tablets, we have become more and more dependent on batteries. A dying battery can be very inconvenient, especially when you are on the go. With a Power bank you can charge your smartphone or tablet anywhere. Therefore Power banks are our fastest growing product group. If a Power bank is something for you, it is very important to keep the following information in mind.




The battery of the iPhone 5s has a capacity of 1570mAh, but needs a Power bank of about 2100mAh in order to guarantee a complete chargeThis is because you probably want to continue using your smart phone while charging it. Plus the charging process uses up some energy as well.
The battery of the iPad Air has a capacity of no less than 11.666mAh. So in order to fully recharge the iPad, you will need a Power bank with a capacity of more than 12.000mAh. After recharging it, you will be able to use your iPad again for 10 hours without interruption. So you can ask yourself if a Power bank with half the capacity will be enough to get you going again.



Not every Power bank provides enough energy to charge tablets. This usually depends on the output of the Power bank. A Power bank with an output of 5V and a maximum of 800mA is very suitable for charging your smartphone, but not powerful enough for a tablet. You could use one with an output of 5V and a maximum of 1,2A, but when we also consider charging speed, we recommend that you use a Power bank with a minimal output of 5V and max. 1,8A. However, Power banks are usually not capable of charging a completely empty battery. So be sure to use your Power bank before your smartphone or tablet dies.



Many promotional Power banks are made in China. Unfortunately there are also many models that do not meet the quality standards. Electrics can cause fires. So in case of a defect in a Power bank printed with your logo, the reputational damage could be huge. Therefore make sure that your Power banks are CE approvedAnother thing you should be aware of is that producers can also install a different capacity than has been indicated. A good quality is very important. Especially when it comes to Power banks, you often get what you pay for!


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Powerbank 4000 mAh

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