Rituals is the first brand in the world to combine Home & Body cosmetics. Inspiring products for the care of your body and your house. Rituals makes the daily routines special again.


Happiness is in detail. It starts with feeling well, with experiencing ordinary things intensely. It is our passion to transform all those daily routines into small, meaningful rituals again.


Just to pause for a minute and to enjoy a nice warm bath, a cup of tea or a special massage. This way special will really feel special again. For your everyday happiness.


Rituals is for people who are critical and make high demands when it comes to the care of themselves, each other and their everyday surroundings. After all, we impose exactly those high demands on our products and our service. Rituals is for those people who want to enjoy the small things in life.


There are three features that make rituals a unique concept: top-quality products, special and functional packaging and surprising fragrances.


The best laboratories and specialists in the world guarantee the optimal quality of all of our
products: from shampoo and facial cream to scented candles. Moreover, rituals is constantly developed and improved with the help of the newest technologies.


Rituals stands for lifestyle and design. More and more attention is paid to the interior of a house: the kitchen, the bathroom, the decorations. All rituals products are designed beautifully and add value to your  surroundings. They are so beautiful that you no longer have to hide them in a cupboard or under the sink.



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