Sascha Overdevest

Vrony Noordwijk   

I have been working for BeGlobal Promotion since 2013 and I still come across new articles every day. This is what makes it such a very diverse job in which no two days are the same. I hold a position of sales office employee. Processing requests, preparing quotations, keeping in contact with suppliers and customers, processing orders, these are all part of my daily activities.


Before I started working for BeGlobal Promotions, I gained a lot of experience in the travel industry. To this end I have studied at the NHTV (an international higher education institution) in Breda. After spending some time working in hotels, aviation and for a tour operator, it was time for a new field of work. My interest in tourism however never left and I enjoy travelling to new destinations both in and out of Europe.


After a day of work, I love working out in the evenings. Two or three times a week I go to boot camp. Being active in the open air is really something that gives me energy!



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