Tacx Water Bottles

Tacx water bottles have been among the top water bottles in the world. The world's best professional cyclists and professional teams use them during the cycling season as team sports bottles. Tacx water bottles for everyone to do their own printing.



Tacx produces more than 3 million water bottles every year. It all started in 1985 with the Splash and since then many generations of cyclists rode with the Tacx water bottles. Each model is a masterpiece with an innovative design. Nowadays Tacx is the forerunner in the use of biodegradable plastics.



Tacx is Dutch Design to be proud of. The production entirely takes place in the Netherlands and has been groomed to perfection. In the Tacx factory in Wassenaar a blowing machine sucks plastic from which the bottles are made. After the dye grains are added, the material is heated, stretched and molded into a bottle.



If you want the bottles can be screen printed with your own unique design. The products are tested for waterproofness and fitted with caps and pull caps, which are made by an injection molding machine. All the finished water bottles are checked one last time before they are shipped to the customer.




There are five models Tacx water bottle’s: The Shiva, Shanti, Source, Splash and Sport. Expect for the Splash, all models are available with a capacity of 500cc and 750cc. The Splash is only available with a capacity of 500cc. Click on the model of your choice for more details and to request a quote immediately.


Tacx Shanti bidon Tacx Shiva bidon Tacx Source bidon

Tacx Shanti

Tacx Shiva

Tacx Source

500cc & 750cc

500cc & 750cc

500cc & 750cc

Tacx Splash bidon Tacx Sport bidon  

Tacx Splash

Tacx Sport



500cc & 750cc





For the PromZ Event, BeGlobal Promotions has an offer for Tacx water bottles. From 500 pieces applies throughout the month of April an offer on all 500cc bottles. The prices include set up fees and delivery costs.


Tacx 500cc bottle with 1 color Euro 1,41
Tacx 500cc bottle 2 color imprint Euro 1.60
Tacx 500cc bottle with 3 color imprint Euro 1.79
Tacx bottle 500cc 4-color imprint Euro 1.97


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